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Dandavat pranams. All glories to Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga.

Around the world, the publications of Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Gosvami Maharaja, Srila Gurudeva, are being translated and printed into many languages. These publications are being much appreciated by devotees around the world and the general public, which is very enlivening to see.

It is our pleasure and responsibility to assist with the books translated from English into other languages. For this reason, we have created an online resource for publishers – Here you will find resources such as master glossaries, editorial policy, a contact address for translation questions, copyright policy and other information. We have also compiled an online archive of thousands of photographs and artwork for which the contributors have given legal permission to use their work in Srila Gurudeva’s publications, on the condition that they are credited for that work.

Many devotees translating into other languages find it helpful to have the English version of the publication in a Word document, especially for copying verses. We are able to provide the latest English edition in Word.

Over the years translators have inquired if it is necessary to have permission to translate Srila Gurudeva’s books. Srila Gurudeva himself made it quite clear in March 13, 2009 Navadvipa and May 29, 2009 Houston darshans that anyone can translate his books. [Please see the attached darshans] In some countries, it is legally necessary to demonstrate that one has permission from the original author before printing a translation or before registering the translation as intellectual property of the translator.

Srila Gurudeva expressed his desire to legally give this permission and also outlined the conditions to be placed upon the translation of his books. In this regard a public granting of rights has been posted on which is based on the same March 13, 2009 Navadvipa and May 29, 2009 Houston darshans.

Some of the key conditions are that the translation must be faithful and accurate; that Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Gosvami Maharaja must be recognized as the author of the source material; that a license of the translation must be given to Srila Gurudeva (or those responsible for overseeing and maintaining Gurudeva’s intellectual property) and Gaudiya Vedanta Publications Inc.; that anyone is able to use the translated text unchanged (the same applies to using translations of English text, also); and that a hard and soft copy of the translation is to be given for archiving. But there are several other conditions, also, and it is important for translators and publishers to take the time to read the full document (

Gaudiya Vedanta Publications (GVP) was established by Srila Gurudeva to ensure the authentic presentation of his books and transcription of his lectures, and to distribute them as far and wide as possible. Standard procedures are followed in an attempt to be fully loyal to his intended message, in order to maintain the integrity of his name, his publication and his publishing house – GVP. Books that go through these procedures receive the GVP logo. It is with interest in maintaining the authenticity of Srila Gurudeva’s texts that we would like the GVP logo, cover and design to stand for these same standards in all languages.

Although we would like to assist all who desire to work on Srila Gurudeva’s books, in regard to non-English publications, we are pretty much helpless due to our lack of knowledge of those languages. Therefore we felt it best that other languages set up their own system, based on what Srila Gurudeva established with the English GVP.

We have developed the following criteria for those devotees preparing a publication in a language other than English and wanting to use the GVP logo, cover, designs or source files from the English GVP edition:

  • The GVP logo may only be used for the books of Sri Srimad Bhaktivedanta Narayana Gosvami Maharaja (translations of his Hindi or English publications, or compilations of his lectures), not for books authored by acaryas that were not presented by him nor for the writings of his disciples and followers. The Karisma Section logo is for this purpose, if the requirements to use it are met.
  • Sometimes, there are different groups of devotees translating into the one language, each with their own method and style, their own emphasis. We appreciate that asking for a single body to represent them is in some cases a sensitive issue. Still, for the sake of properly representing Srila Gurudeva, an editorial committee for each language needs to be formed, consisting of members from various groups, if that applies.

Srila Gurudeva wrote in one letter regarding publications, “ I want that my books will be distributed in all languages and that the devotees will cooperate in order to publish in authentic and authorized quality. If there is no proper standard or cooperation, then everything will become spoiled.”

The duties of this editorial committee will be:

(1)To develop standard procedures based on the English GVP Editorial Criteria.

(a)It is important for each language to establish a document, detailing the editorial standards and procedures that a publication in that language needs to follow, in order to receive the GVP logo. These standards and procedures are to use the GVP Editorial Criteria as a guideline [See attached document]. Members of the editorial committee are not required to thoroughly review each book to be published, although to do so may be the duty of individual members. Rather, an editorial committee’s responsibility to the GVP is to ensure that competent and trustworthy persons have carefully followed the procedures decided upon.

(b) These standards and procedures are to be translated into English and approved by the GVP Inc. English Editorial Committee, via Anita dasi.

(2)Any publication that wishes to use the GVP logo and/or the cover and design shall be submitted to the editorial committee for that language, who will check the book according to their system. The devotees submitting the book are encouraged to hear corrections and suggestions in a mood of service and cooperation. And also, the devotees checking it need to be able to allow for styles other than their own, as long as the translation is accurate. This applies to design also. When the book has been approved and all the parties are satisfied, as long as there is permission for any copyrighted images or text they use, it may use the GVP logo and/ or the cover, and design.

(3)The editorial committee will designate a single person to act asliaison with GVP Inc. who communicates the decisions of the board and requests and receives the source files for the books.

The editorial committee responsible for translations into any language can receive a license for the use of the GVP logo trademark if these criteria have been satisfied.

These criteria apply only in relation to the GVP logo. We want to reiterate that Srila Gurudeva established that anyone can translate his books and print them using a separate logo as long as they fulfill the few conditions listed on

If you have any questions on any of the above, please contact Anita dasi (

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