Arcana-dīpikā 3rd Edition

For the past twelve months, the Arcana-dīpikā team has been meticulously reviewing the translation under the guidance of senior devotees. We feel confident that this is the most approachable and comprehensible edition to date. The editors’ insertions and footnotes have been further researched and clarified. The book contains charts, a specific arcana glossary and revised reference cards. Also, instead of several topics being compiled within the one chapter, each topic now has its own section, making this invaluable handbook more accessible. Supplementary material has also been made available on videos on arcana and information on the worship of other deities.

Here are some quotes on the importance of arcana described in the introduction of Śrīla Vāmana Gosvāmī Mahārāja:



“When the living entity becomes free from the influence of his material ego and accepts his eternal occupation of servitude, then his worshipful Śrī Bhagavān manifests before him in the form of the deity, to accept his service.” 


“By advancing in the process of arcana, a person enters the realm of bhajana


“Although the process of arcana is not the most important consideration in bhajanabhajana is not opposed to the reverential service attitude required for arcana. In fact, the deity is a special incarnation of Bhagavān.”