What is GVP?

Many devotees have asked for more information about Gaudiya Vedanta Publications Inc.  (GVP). We have therefore compiled the following information as of January 2017.

Gaudiya Vedanta Publications Inc. is the publishing house founded by Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Gosvami Maharaja in 2007. It publishes his works only, both as books and e-books. It also publishes publications he ordered and authorized: Rays of The Harmonist, Gaudiya Giti-guccha and the full color Vaisnava Calendar.
GVP is a team. No one person is in charge or ever has been, except for Srila Gurudeva. This refers to both pre-press and post-press sevakas. At the same time, there is efficient organization, with its sevaks forming an official Board of Directors, Editorial Committee, Finance Committee and an Executive Committee and so forth, each responsible for its respective concerns.
Translations of Srila Gurudeva’s Hindi titles (39), transcriptions of his English classes (29), translations of his Hindi classes (6), Rays of The
Harmonist (26) song books (2)
Total: 102 publications to date.

Karisma Section is a legal imprint of GVP authorized by Srila Gurudeva. It publishes books by disciples of Srila Gurudeva that are based on his teachings (5), colouring books (3), and children’s books (2).
Total: 10 books.

Upcoming new translations: 7
Upcoming translation reprints revised for readability and accuracy: 5
GVP is a registered independent non-profit corporation. It is not part of any other organization or society. Like the BBT, it is an entity unto itself. Financially, it is autonomous, independent. Monies do not go through another Trust, to another person, or to any other legal body.

The financial committee is strict about complying with U.S. government laws and meets international charitable standards as well, to keep non-profit status. Thus there is a GVP Board of Directors, a budget, an accountant. Financial reports are filed with the IRS (a division of the Treasury department of the U.S. Government).

GVP is responsible for paying for the pre-press office, sevak grants, printing, shipping, storing and distribution of the publications internationally. It pays for office equipment and needs and for the basic maintenance of ten full time sevaka (their room, board, and visas).
 All financial decisions are made by the GVP Board after receiving recommendations of the Executive Committee and advice from the Finance Committee. No one person makes major financial decisions regarding publishing, shipping, storing, or sevaka support. 
 GVP has a book endowment program whereby devotees can donate toward the printing of a particular publication. When enough is collected for printing, the book is considered endowed. That means that the printing cost from the sales of that book will go back into an account that is used to pay for future editions of that title. In other words, once a book is “endowed” it can be reprinted again and again without the need to fund raise. 
The current GVP pre-press team, consisting of both full time and part time sevakas, resides not only in India but also abroad.  Most sevakas have jobs, studies, other services, preaching engagements, and so forth as their main engagement and contribute what they can. Teams are made from the lists below. Not all of the devotees listed here work on the one book.

Translators and fidelity checkers: Sripad Visnu-daivata Maharaja, Amala-krsna dasa, Janaki dasi (India), Madhukara dasa, Prema dasa, Santi dasi, Sravana dasa, Srivasa dasa, Tarun-krsna dasa (Houston)

Sanskrit editors: Sripad Bhagavata Maharaja, Radhika dasi (Uzbekistan)

English Editors: Jaya-gopala dasa (U.S), Manjari dasi (Vrindavan), Sanatana dasa, Sundara-gopala dasa (England), Syamarani dasi, Vaijayanti-mala dasi, Venu-gopala dasa (Canada), Vicitri dasi

Proofreaders: Janaki dasi (Belgium), Santi dasi, Sulata dasi, Vasanti dasi

Layout and/or design: Anupama dasa (Mexico), Janaki dasi (Belgium), Kunja-kalika dasi, Krsna-karunya dasa

ePubs: Sanatana dasa

Archiving: Santi dasi

Previously, numerous other devotees have performed dedicated and competent service in any of the above categories, on one or more publications.

The GVP post-press team, in both India and America, deals with inventories, monies from sales, marketing, finances and financial reports, copyright, shipping, filling orders and so forth. 
Inventories, finances, financial reports, copyright, shipping, filling orders: Anita dasi

Marketing and promotion: Anita dasi, Anupama dasa (Mexico), Sulata dasi, Vaijayanti-mala dasi, Venu-gopala dasa (Canada)

Administration, tracking sales, managing Bhaktistore.com: Manjulali dasi 

In America, Anjali dd, Hare Krsna dasa, Radha dasi, Sachin das, and Vishwambhara dasa tend to GVP Treasury management, accounting, and reporting, distribution operations (shipping, logistics, storage), Bhaktistore.com sales and fulfillment, and the Book Endowment Program administration. They collaborate with the GVP board to make overall financial decisions.
The GVP board, in collaboration with sevakas, adopts policies, creates an annual budget, and ensures compliancy with GVP resolutions and legal requirements so as to maintain non-profit status.
Radha-kanta dasa, Krsna-karunya dasa, Vishwambhara dasa, Anita dasi and Mohini dasi.
Storehouses filled with thousands of books are rented in Delhi and Houston.
In India, the main book outlets are Gopinatha Bhavan, Rupa Sanatana Matha, the Delhi Matha and Navadipa. A limited selection is also available on Amazon.in, Flipkart.com and Shopclues.com.

The official GVP outlet is Bhaktistore.com.

GVP has a booth at the Badger festival.

Devotees all over the world, individually or collectively take responsibility for the distribution of Srila Gurudeva’s books, at various festivals big and small, at markets, on the street, in the course of their work or recreation, and so forth.

The Harikatha team regularly send transcriptions of Srila Gurudeva’s classes, to a list of just under 20 000 people.
Each month, the Rays of The Harmonist team post an article by Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura Prabhupada and other articles on special occasions.

Purebhakti.com houses the PDF archive of all publications, posts all harikatha and the monthly Rays page. The website contains photos, kirtanas, a list of upcoming events and preachers/teachers, information on the dhama, and the international online calendar, which is calculated by the webmaster, Padabja dasa.

GVP has published a full colour calendar yearly since 2012.

Online Courses: In 2016 – a 32 part Jaiva-dharma video study course was led by Jnana-sakti Prabhu.
January 2017 – Nectar of Govinda-lila discussion/study group led by Madhukar dasa.  Please see mygp.com/courses.

Pure Bhakti Archive Inc. stores, maintains, and organizes the recorded movies and tapes of Srila Gurudeva's lectures,parikramas and darsanas, posting them on www.purebhakti.tv. It digitizes and enhances both sound and video files, which are then transcribed and subtitled, thus providing a foundation for many new books in the future.

Recently, the Spanish Publicaciones Gaudiya Vedanta (PGV) officially became an imprint of GVP. It will keep its own identity, management, and be financially independent, but will work under the legal, administrative and infrastructure umbrella of GVP. It has published over 20 titles.

GVP can also authorize the use of the GVP logo on books of other languages, if the translation meets certain criteria. Please contact us for more information.

We hope our presentation is clear and comprehensive. Thank you for taking the time to become more familiar with Srila Gurudeva’s English publications house.

Aspiring to serve Sri Guru and the Vaisnavas

The GVP team