A Sustainable Model for the Future


Our guru parampara has traditionally spread Krishna consciousness in a noble artisanal style. Our aim is to remain sustainable, and to this end, we place importance on being fiscally* responsible, and how this directly impacts other functions of Gaudiya Vedanta Publications, Inc. (GVP) as a result. Our aim is that GVP’s financial standards align with the tradition of integrity and honesty that is the legacy of our guru-parampara. GVP achieves its aims through economic transparency, accountability and accurate financial controls. 

In the spirit of our Guru Parampara's mission to disseminate Krishna consciousness, and in order to comply with Srila Gurudeva's wishes to ensure that his publications perpetually remain in circulation, GVP created the GVP Endowment Fund. For every new title GVP publishes, and non-endowed older titles, an endowment fund is established.

This program thus gives everyone a chance to serve Srila Gurudeva’s desire. Someone may only be able to contribute to the printing of just one book, but will find happiness in knowing that over the years, not just one person but many people will receive that book. In this way, capital funds are raised from various generous sources and based on the sources’ directives, are then earmarked towards a particular publication. Once the publication financing budget is fulfilled then a publication is considered to be endowed. This financial endowment system is tracked via an accounting and financial management systems. In this way, we can assure that all funds are tracked and utilized towards that particular publication.  

As an example, after a book is fully endowed then funds are transferred for publishing, then publication is available for a certain quantity to immediately be shipped to Vrndavana and other places. The rest are placed in storage to be later sold to the public. As the book sells, 100% of the costs, go back into that publication fund so that capital funds earmarked for that publication are reserved for the reprinting of that publication. In this way, this system assures that there will always be funds to reprint a publication that has been endowed.

We are concentrating on achieving 100% endowment of Srila Gurudeva’s  works. To date 65% of Srila Gurudeva’s books under full endowment.

Srila Gurudev's words are for everyone, forever. GVP’s Endowment fund, financial standards, and distribution systems aims to achieve the best sustainable innovative publication model. GVP’s sevakas, donors, volunteers, book distributors and so forth come from the wonderful and very broad spectrum of people who have received Srila Gurudeva’s mercy.

All are welcome to participate in any way possible. 


* Relating to taxation, public revenues, or financial matters in general