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nama kirtan3At last, the new improved and more complete edition of the “Gauidya Giti Guccha’, our sanga’s songbook, will soon be ready for printing.  Throughout the years the song book has been printed and reprinted many times with new songs being added each time. This new edition will include the most complete selection of songs ever, well organized with tabs, be light-weight and have a superior binding for lying flat.

The book will follow the original Bengali Gaudiya GitiGuccha which Param Gurudeva and Srila Vaman Gosvami Maharaja continued to perfect over so many years.  Some of the devotees working on the song book live in the Mathura Matha in India and have been working on this new edition for more than a year. They have expressed what has gone into making this new edition:

“Following our Srila Paramgurudev’s brilliant Bengali Gaudiya Giti Guccha we have organized the songs in a way to make it very easy to find the particular song you want to sing without having to look through the table of contents. We’ve also tried to keep everything close to the order that Bhaktivinoda Thakur and Narottama das Thakur kept their songs originally in their own books.”

“There will be many new songs in Bengali, Sanskrit, Hindi, Oriya and English. The book will be divided into chapters which will be further divided into subsections according to the type of song. For example, in the chapter for Sri Guru, there is a subsection of songs glorifying Sri Guru and another section of songs praying for his mercy. There will be beautiful illustrations in each of the chapters.”

Saranagati“Many new kirtans from Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur’s Kalyana-kalpa-taru and Gitamala, Saranagati and Gitavali have been added.  There are songs for each verse of Sri Siksastaka and Srila Rupa Gosvami’s Sri Namastakam and Sri Upadesamrta, a song for each verse of Sri Manah siksa, many songs to be sung on Nagar Sankirtan, and six songs for different kinds of Mahaprasad.”

“All together there will 306 Bengali songs, 62 Sanskrit stotrams, 22 Sanskrit songs, 13 Hindi songs, 3 Oriya and 3 English. The three songs in English were all originally penned in English by Bhaktivinoda Thakur and Srila AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.”

“All the songs have been newly translated and have been looked over and revised by many various kirtaniyas and senior Vaisnavas.”

Thanks to the dedicated service of everyone working on this new edition.  The announcement of this new improved songbook is like nectar to the ears for all who love to sing the bhajans and kirtans of the Gaudiya Acaryas. Gaudiya Vedanta Publications (GVP) continues to publish all the important books of our Guru varga through the kind support of the Vaisnava community. 

The GVP has recently instituted a revolutionary brilliant policy of establishing an ‘Endowment Fund’ for each publication.  This special fund allows the books to always stay in print once the initial Endowment Fund has been created.  Initially, the cost of printing the book is raised through donations and an Endowment Fund is created for that title.  As a particular book is sold, proceeds from those sales go directly back into the Endowment Fund for future reprints.  This means that once the Endowment fund is created, there should be no need to raise funds for preprints. Sri Guru1

Note: this was not the practice during Srila Gurudeva’s physical presence.  At that time, Srila Gurdeva would personally provide funds for all the publications, and the sale proceeds would generally go to the Maths and to those who sold the books.  This practice worked well during the manifest presence of Srila Gurudeva, but does not work now for obvious reasons.  Therefore, the Endowment Funds have been created as a vehicle to perpetuate the reprinting of books far into the future.

We request the kind readers of this article as well as those who regularly use and appreciate the song book to generously donate to the new ‘Song Book Endowment Fund’.  Your donation will help bring this new edition to print and make sure it always stays in print, allowing the editors to continue to improve the future publications.  All major donors’ names will be published in the song book unless requested otherwise.  The projected amount needed for this reprint and to establish the ‘Song Book Endowment Fund’ is $22,000 USD. 

Thank you for your kind assistance.  May Sri Sri Radha Krsna, Sri Sri Gaur Nitai and Srila Gurudeva bestow their blessings on you for your service.

Kirtaniyasada Hari.

Radhakanta das
GVP, Inc.

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