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You should think that I am always with you in the form of my books, and in the form of my lectures and classes. Know that I am always guiding you. If you do this, you will not be weak, and you will also be able to make others very strong.
Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Gosvami Maharaja
May 17, 2008: Miami, Florida

Srila Gurudeva's Archive Seva Team has taken these words to heart and is making a renewed effort to spread Srila Gurudeva’s words worldwide: to every home, to every computer, to every television, every connected device. We have a goal in mind to complete this before 2021, Srila Gurudeva’s centennial.

Isa Prabhu, who has been working on aspects of this project for many years, recently incorporated a new non-profit organization, Pure Bhakti Archive Inc. The goal of this new nonprofit is to provide a structure that will allow others to also help preserve the direct instruction (vani) and legacy of Srila Gurudeva and our guru-varga, for our generation and for countless generations to come.

The relationship between Gaudiya Vedanta Publications and the Archive will be greatly enhanced by the new Pure Bhakti Archive. We are excited about the number of new books that will be produced from transcriptions of Srila Gurudeva’s hari-katha.

Our new board of directors are Manju didi, Anjali didi, Damodara Prabhu, Isa Prabhu, and Madhavi dasi. Our advisory committee consists of Uma didi, Syamarani didi, and Vrinda didi. We anticipate having many devotees join our Archive Team to help us to share Srila Gurudeva’s movies and lectures worldwide.

Since 2001 the Archive Team has been receiving original tapes and movies of Srila Gurudeva from Brajanath Prabhu, Vrinda didi, and many devotees the world over. Once we receive the original tapes, we digitize them and then make them available online.

One year, upon arriving in Alachua, Srila Gurudeva told Isa Prabhu, “Wherever I go, I find I am already there.” Thousands of devotees and others worldwide have been able to have darsana of Srila Gurudeva and hear his sweet hari-katha via the Archive’s YouTube Channel, SoundCloud, and the Archive’s website – The Archive team, following Srila Gurudeva's instructions, has made his movies and lectures available for free. Currently there are over 100,000 minutes a month viewed. These results are phenomenal! And yet, this is only a small fraction of what is possible and what we must accomplish.

Although so much has already been done, there is much more to be completed. There are still many original lectures on tape that we need to transport to the US so we can digitize them. There are thousands of video lectures that need sound editing and subtitles. With this monumental yet worthy task in mind, we formed Pure Bhakti Archive organize and raise the funds for this seva. As we mentioned above, our goal is to subtitle and sound edit all of Srila Gurudeva’s hari-katha by His centennial in 2021, which is barely more or less only 5 years from now.  

We can only do this with the help of our dear most brothers and sisters. Our humble request to everyone is to help us to serve, preserve and share Srila Gurudeva’s direct words. There are so many ways you can help, such as subtitling, sound editing, and transporting the tapes to the US. Of course, you can also help by donating money toward all these costs.  Please help in any way that you can. Anyone who can help please email Madhavi dasi at

Projects undertaken so far:
(1) Transcribing (all audio and video files)
(2) Inserting subtitles
(3) Enhancing sound and movie quality
(4) Working in cooperation with the book publication seva teams to research and transcribe
(5) Storing original media (in a manner that will ensure it is safe and protected from damage)
(6) Advertising on the internet, radio and TV so that we can bring more publicity and viewers to Srila Gurudeva’s websites and develop new relationships
(7) Establishing an automated email system for the Hari-katha Newsletter and Purebhakti.Tv