His Passion

Srila Gurudeva’s passion and life was dedicated to writing and sharing the realizations within his heart and in the hearts of our Acharya’s in the form of books, which transform the lives of anyone who reads them.

 He always reassured his dear darling daughter’s and son’s that “I’am showering my heartly blessings upon all of the devotees who are assisting with publishing, distributing, purchasing and shipping our books” (Srila Gurudeva).

Now Srila Gurudeva’s Books need your help. Srila Gurudeva has so many books that are we are getting ready to print but need funding, your heartfelt donation could make a difference! Whether you give a humble donation or a substantial donation, your sweet seva will make Srila Gurudeva so happy.

See what books need funding and choose which one(s) you would like to support.