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    The discussion on this thread is on the first part of Chapter Four of Nectar of Govinda-lila, pages 53 to 55 in the fourth edition.

    Click here to read this section online.

    Or click here to download the pdf of the fourth chapter.

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    madhukar das

    From Pg. 54

    No activity or pastime of Krsna is done for His own pleasure, whereas any activity that we do, even up to serving the deity, is done for our own pleasure.

    If Krsna does not do anything for His own pleasure, then how can he be called the Supreme Enjoyer?

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    Anita dasi

    ” The trees and creepers will shed their old leaves and change, and be newly decorated with new, soft, red leaves. It is as if they have come to participate in Śrī Kṛṣṇa’s vasantī-rāsa, and with their new decoration, they are encouraging Him.”
    I really like the the idea of seeing spring time and how the plants etc renew is like new decorations for Vasanti-rasa. Gurudeva always saw Vrndavan everywhere and everything in connection to Vrndavan.

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    Anita dasi

    Regarding Madhukar’s question, I like what Srila Gurudeva writes further on, “Kṛṣṇa and the gopīs are engaged in the rāsa dance for each other’s pleasure, and in this there is such an increase in prema that you will not find it fully described in any scripture.” The nature of Prema is that it is enhanced by selflessly considering the other’s pleasure. Krsna is the supreme enjoyer because He is supreme and everything is His creation, but from the point of view of rasa, prema is nourished by considering the pleasure of the other.

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    Lalit Kishori dasi

    In regard to your question Madhukar, I also liked this part of the chapter

    Krsna is Himself the crown jewel of those who are åtmåråma
    and åptakåma: He has no unfulfilled desire. All of His desires are
    satisfied, so He doesn’t need to take anything from anyone to
    become complete. In living entities we find this quality of incompleteness:
    in our happiness, knowledge, renunciation or whatever,
    we are not complete. By taking from Krsna, or taking from
    other people, we want to become complete, but Krsna is
    åtmåråma and åptakåma. He needs nothing to enjoy, but upon
    seeing the desires of His devotees, the desire to enjoy arises
    within Him.

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    Gita dasi

    In addition to what was answered by the other didis, I wanted to add that my understanding of Krsna’s being the Supreme Enjoyer, is that He is accepting and enjoying the loving offerings of unlimited servants. But, yes, whatever He does is for them. Yet still He is at a loss, accepting more than He can give.

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