As technology develops at breakneck speeds, digital archiving has become absolutely compulsory for the survival of any idea, principle or doctrine. In this information age (which is ironically named, as it falls within the temporal confines of Kali-yuga, the age of ignorance), if technology is the glass, then data is the water that fills that glass according to its shape. The rapid evolution of technology has created no small amount of work for archivists. As the vessel changes, so too must its contents.

To this end, Gaudiya Vedanta Publications has transposed all of Srila Gurudeva’s publications into the ePub format, for use on Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, as well as Apple’s iOS devices. All titles are now available from these devices’ respective stores at only a fraction of the cost of the printed editions. Convenient links to the individual books’ pages are located at PureBhakti.com. Additionally, all of Srila Gurudeva’s smaller preaching booklets (Way of Love, Secrets of the Undiscovered Self, etc.) are available for free as direct downloads from the same PureBhakti.com page linked above. Devotees are encouraged to download and distribute these preaching ePub booklets freely.

The development and programing of these ePubs has also opened up various doors for offering Srila Gurudeva’s books to those who are technologically literate. A BhaktiBase app containing all of Srila Gurudeva’s books is currently in the middle stages of development for both iOS- and Android-driven devices, and a whole new, cleanly formatted Bhakti Base Folio file is, as of now, in planning.

If, in regard to Srila Gurudeva’s books, GVP is the preservationist, then all devotees sympathetic to his cause are the preachers, his marketers. If these devotees inform others about the availability of Srila Gurudeva’s ePubs, or if they themselves purchase them, then GVP’s endeavor in preserving these transcendental literatures in current digital formats will surely be successful.